1936 Links

January 18: Reunion of Grid Greats
January 29: Ferraro Possible Recruit for Montreal F.C.
February 28: Want Amercian Rules
March 2: Wests' Protests Not Heeded On Import Rule
March 2: CRU Curbs Importations, Modifies Passing Rule
March 2: C.R.U. Adds Weight To Check Imports
June 11:Greg Kabat Adopted by Winnpeg Fans
August 21: Montreal Indiians in Light Workout
August 26: Argos Hold Drill
September 2: U.S. Stars Join Tigers
September 17: Football Teams Fire Opening Shots Saturday
September 18: Heavy Schedule for Canadian Football Fan
September 22: Winnipegs Capture Rugby Thriller By 11-8 Score
September 22: Doc Beyers Rejoins Argos
September 22: Doc Bryers Rejoins Argos
September 28: Beaches Make Indians Look Much Better
September 28: Bronks Trouce Roughriders in Gridiron Struggle
September 30: Montreal Indians are Badly Crippled by Committee Ruling
September 30: Football Preview Shows Indians, Tigers Strongest
October 2: Oke Olson Will Be In Line-Up For Saturday's Game
October 2: Tigers Don New Outfits
October 5: Hamilton Triumphs In Opener
October 5: Hamilton Tigers and Argos Chalk Up Wins
October 5: Calgary Bronks Defeat Edmonton Hi-Grads 20-5
October 5: Fumble Costly to Riders
October 6: Pigeon Elected Captain Of Indians; Sam Halbert Starts Practice
October 8: Riders Scalp Indians 11-9
October 8: Toronto Argos Look Good In Practice
October 9: Bronks To Meet Pegs
October 9: Indians Ready For Hamilton
October 9: East May Clear Football Muddle By Reinstating Five Players
October 10: Veto By Governors Keeps Issue Vague
October 12: Pegs Trounce Calgar
October 13: Ottawa To Honor Abe
October 13: Huck Welch Top Scorer
October 13: Huck Welch Leads Eastern Scorers; Pegs Clinch First by Beating Bronks
October 14: Shifts Due At Ottawa
October 14: Bear Down On Tigers
October 15: Big Four Reopens Barred Men's Case
October 16: Indians Voting Against Tigers On Import Issue
October 16: Rough Riders Waiting On Big Four Decision
October 16: Epidemic Of Colds Hits Tribal Drills
October 17: Wins For Hamilton and Montreal Would End Ottawa Hopes
October 19: Riders Reason He Did Not Get Try Says Abe
October 19: Riders Victors On Muddy Gridiron; Argos Kept On Defensive - Bengles Finish On Top
October 19: Rough Riders Take Football Thriller From Tribe 8-7
Octobe r19: Upsets on Grid in East
October 20: Round and Round The Sports Wheel by Tommy Shields - Ottawa Preparing for Tigers
October 20: Riders Rest Up; Start Training Today For Tigers
October 20: Kickers Useful in Rugby (Football)
October 20: Punters Lead Way in Scoring
October 21: Riders to Hamilton
October 22: Daylight Practice Is Staged As Riders Prepare For Tigers
October 22: Brian Timmis May Play Here Saturday
October 22: Timmis Back With Hamilton
October 23: Tribe Turns Burns Against Scullers
October 26: Sarnia Crushes Cubs
October 26: Imps Triumph - Lash Cubs At Hamilton 29-3
October 26: Riders Snare Mighty Tiger; Scullers Beat Tribe 12-4
October 26: Pegs Shake Regina Jinx
October 26: Jack Wright Through
October 28: He's Gridiron Magician
October 31: Bennett Will Play Agaisnt Scullers
October 31: Bennett O.K. For Today
October 31: Ab Box's Passing Paces Beaches to 30-3 Win Over Beaches
October 31: Roughriders at Full Strength, but Bombers may Lose Fritz and Kabat
November 4: Tribe's Main Task Is To Stop Sprague
November 6: Four Crucial Games For Eastern Canada Grid
November 6: Oke Olson To Fill Don Young's Shoes
November 7: Three of Big Four Hopefull
November 7: Big Four Race Holds Interest In East
November 7: HUtton, Bennett Trophy Nominees
November 9: Argos Finish First In Big Four
November 9: Imps Slaughter Cubs
November 10: What Montreal Writes Think of Rough Riders
November 10: Huck Welch Tops Scorers
November 10: Welch Big Four Scoring Champ For 1936
November 12: Predicts Victory For Tigers Today
November 12: What The Indians Didn't Do
November 12: Regina Scores 3-1 Win Over Calgary
November 12: Tigers May Be Trying To Frighten Riders
November 16: Turville Standout In Tigers Losing Effort In Ottawa
November 17: Argos Are Spurred On
November 20: Seven Sarnia Men Picked for ORFU All-Star Team; Five From Balmy Beach
November 20: Imps, Beaches In Grid Classic at London Tomorrow
November 23: Ottawa Rough Riders Defeat Toronto Argonauts
November 23: Ottawa Team Leading Oarsmen In Rugby Championship Series
December 1: Ottawa Rough Riders Slide To Big Four Title On Snow Covered Gridioron
December 2: Rugby Case Goes to Vote Again as Alberta Men Protest
December 3: West Union Against Regina As Representative
December 3: McWatters Is Out Of Game
December 5: Coach Bill Hughes Calls Rough Riders; Imperials Given Rousing Send-Off
December 7: Imperials Are Crowned Champions
December 17: Indians Lay Plans For 1937