1939 Links

January 29: Ferraro Possible Recruit to Montreal F.C.
February 8: Ryan Defends Wesern Rules
April 22: Isbister to Hamilton
May 11: U.S. Gridders To Adopt Rouge?
May 20: Those Football Rumours Again
May 22: Edwards Is Candidate To Pilot Tricolor Grid Team - Reeves Signs as Head Coach of Montreal Royals
June 10: Football Union Still Big Four
August 3: Royals Will Have Strong Grid Team
August 11: Argos Will be as Strong as Ever
Aigist 11: Argos Kicker Only Problem as Grid Wars Near - Isbister Leaves Hole
August 19: It's Your Move!
August 24: New Blood at Calgary
August 30: Montreal Royals Get Bill Davies
September 1: Easern Canadian Grid Camps
September 16: Winnipeg Comes From Behind to Beat Calgary Grid Team 19-18
September 19: Harry Sonshine Out With Argos
September 20: Westmount Outfit Holds Heavy Drill
September 22: Eight Argonauts May Be Missing
September 22: Westmounts Rounding Into Seasoned Form
September 25: Argos Out-Kicked But Trim Beaches
Septmember 27: Westmounts Trounce Montreal Royals 21-1 in Exibition Game (short account)
September 27: Westmounts Bury Royals By 27-1 Count in Football Grudge Match
September 27: Westmounts Bury Royals 21-1
September 28: New Sarnia Squad Is Question Mark
September 28: Foran to Bank on Juniors
September 29: Brocklehurst Returns to Center as Westmounts Drill for Ottawa
September 29: Bronk-Bomber Grid Test Saturday
October 2: Lew Hayman Calls Riders To Carry Off Honors In Eastern Canada
October 3: Coach Alex Ponton Is Convinced Beaches WillBe Tough To Beat
October 10: Riders Eke Out Victory
October 12: Pass Defence Keeps Tigers Hard At Work
October 12: Sports Byways by Dave Dryburgh (Regina Roughriders)
October 13: Barnabe Drills With Foran's Squad
October 14: Rider Club Takes Twenty-Six Players For Game With Royals
October 16: Ottawa Tops Royas 35-13
October 16: Calgary Bronks Beaten 12-11 by Roughriders
October 16: Red Storey Leads Argos to 16-1 Win
October 16: Hanson Gets 3 Touches in 18-1 Winnipeg Win
October 16: Jimmy Riddell Hurt; Barnabe Calls Signals
October 16: Ottawa Crushes Montreal 35-13
October 17: Montreal Writers Enthusiastic Over Ottawa's Rampaging Rough Riders
October 17: Royals Start Work For Hamilton Game
October 17: Sarnia Backfielder Leads Grid Scoring
October 18: Westmounts In Drill - Hold Tackling Workout for Game With Imperials
October 18: Royals Give Schoolboys Trials AS They Prepare For Weekend
October 18: Paul Rowe Leads Western Scoring
October 20: Montreal High School Stars Join Royals Squad
October 20: Bowden May Miss Game With Sarnia
October 21: Argos Oppose Riders
October 23: Record Breaking Crowd Sees Riders Win; Late Placement Brings Tigers Victory Over Montreal Royals
October 24: Wilf Tremblay Second In Eastern Scoring
ctober 24: Moroz Still in Top Spot
October 26: Noseworthy Injured - Royal Star May Be Unable to Play Saturday
October 26: Imps In Hard Practice, Prepare for Game Against Westmounts
October 28: Royals Meet Tigers In Hamilton, Westmounts Appear at Sarnia
October 28: Balmy Beach Beats Peterberough (Scroll right)
October 28: Fumble Is Costly to Peterbrough
October 30: Ottawa Gets First Trimming
October 30: Near Record Crowd Present: Argos Display Real Power
October 31: Royals Here Saturday As Opponents For Rough Riders
October 31: Westmounts Drill To Polish Attack For Toronto Tilt
November 2: McCullagh Returns to Royals For Math With Rough Riders
November 3: Westmounts, Balmy Beach Meet In Imporant Clash
November 4: Beaches Can Earn Playoff Berth By Stopping Unbeaten Westmounts
November 6: Balmy Beachers Carry the Torch
November 6: Hands Foran Team First Union Loss (Balmy Beach 23-Westmounts 1)
November 6: Sarnia Withstands Late Drive to Overcome Peterborough 13-9
November 9: Sarnia To Lose Geary
November 10: West Crowds East To Sidelines In Dominion This Week
November 11: Whitaker In Lineup Against Rough Riders Today
November 11: Ottawa Smothers Tigers By 25-7 To Clinch Top Spot In Big Four
November 11: Argos Making Ready For Hamilton Game
November 11: Westmounts Make a Comeback
November 13: Royals Drop Toronto Scullers From Big Four Football Lead
November 16: Plans Sound Defense - Sarnia Expecting System Will Hold Westmounts
November 17: Winnipeg Is Not Hard Put
November 17: Davies Only Montreal Representative On All-Star Team
November 17: Sarnia Depends on Galloway to Fill Kicking Shoes of Bummer Stirling
November 20: Bombers Capture Western Grid Cup
November 20: Westmounts Face 12 Point Deficit After Defeat in Sarnia
November 21: Ryan, Threefall Will Scout Riders - Argos
November 21: Six Sarnia Players Named All-Stars
November 23: Sarnia Weary of Aerials
November 24: Scouts From West To View Big Four Tilt
November 25: Jimmy Farmer Remains Out of Argo Line-up
November 25: Riders Are Big Four Champions
November 25: Burke's Passing and Tommy's Run Highlight Riders' Title Win
November 25: Sarnia Repeats Westies To Qualify For Eastern Final
November 25: Ask For Grid Playoffs Here If Riders Win Big Four Title
November 25: Riders Play Imps In Toronto Win Would Bring Bombers Here
November 25: Rough Riders Are East Champions
November 27: Sarnia Trims Westmounts 31-14 on Round and Will Meet Ottawa Saturday
November 27: Large Casualty List May Hamper Imperials
November 27: Argonauts Ovewhelmed, Riders Win Round 39-6

November 27: Ottawa, Sarnia To Fight It Out For East Football Title
November 27: Sarnia Wins Ninth Grid Title
November 29: Sarnia Expected To Change Colors
November 29: Ottawa, Sartia To Fight It Out For East Title
November 30: Riders Have Final Practice For Toronto and Eastern Final (vs. Sarnia)
November 30: Bombers in Fighting Fettle; Threfall Prepares Team for East-West Contest
December 1: List Eastern All-Stars Teams
December 2: Six Bombers Have Seen Previous Action in Dominion Final
Decembef 2: Homebrew Talent Will Suupply Any Future Needs For Bombers (scrol down to view)
December 4: Suggestion that two Western Teams Display Their Code Is Disapproved
December 4: Ottawa Rough Riders in Grid Final
December 6: Sprague Retiring
December 7: Football Committee Meeting In February Promises Battle
December 9: Coach of Western Champions Looks Forward To Bitter Grid Battle
December 9: Winnpeg Beats Ottawa by 8-7 In Rugby Final
December 9: Mayor Lewis Leads Hundreds Of Fans Welcoming Bombers
December 11: Blue Bombers Are Canadian Champsions
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December 19: Fritz Hanson Chosen As No. 1 In Canadian Athletics For 1939
December 22: Card Is Reminder of Ottawa Defeat