1941 Links

February 24: Reach Compromise On Rugy Rules
May 6: Fritz Hanson Will Play Again IN Fall
June 4: Calgary Player Moving East
August 4: West Grid Schedule Issued
August 23: Argos Have Poor Prospects
August 28: Ross Trimble, Rough Rider Coach, Builds From Scratch With Youth
August 29: Wilf Trembley to Play With Rough Riders
September 3: Winnipeg Blue Bombers Expecting Hard Battle For Western Laurals
September 4: Andy Tommy Joins Ottawa Grid Squad
September 4: Ferraro and MacDonald to Help Hughes
September 4: Coast Grizzlies are Grid Threat
September 5: Rough Riders Lose Ted Edwards
September 8: Bomber Power Stops Regina Roughriders on Muddy Grid
September 17: Hughes Has Hopes Of Friendly Game
Septembe 18: East In Need of Good Kickers
September 18: Squads Lack Kickers
September 19: Regina Gridiron Fast as Lightning
September 20: After His Early Training Woes, Ross Trimble Is All Smiles Now
September 24: Beaches Ready for Big Year
September 26: Last Grid Workout For Hughes' Team
September 27: Porter Incident Provides Pre-Season Grid Interest
September 27: Along Sports Row By Jack Koffman - Football Fever In The Capital
September 27: Eastern Gridders To Start Games Today
September 27: Ottawa Triumphs In East Rugby Opener
September 29: Edmonton To Get A Game
September 29: Ottawa Defeats Montreal In Opener
September 29: Rough Riders Top Montreal By 18-6
September 29: Hamilton Scores Easy Grid Triumph
September 29: Ted Reeve Enslists In Active Army
September 29: Beach Miscues Costly in Defeat at Hands of Argos
September 30: McCaffrey Has Nothing to Say About Fripp
October 1 Unfavorable Conditions Fail To Stop Hard-Working Riders
October 2: Telegram Faked, Beachs on Spot
October 6: Morris Stukus Suply Spark; Tony Golab Plays Great Game
October 6: Grizzlies Triumph Over U.S. Team
October 7: May Visit Bulldogs If Argo-Montreal Game Goes To Kingston
October 8: Argos Expecting Rough Struggle
October 14: Annis Stuckus Tops East Scorers
October 15: Beaches Manage To Beat Bordern But No Breeze
October 15: Grizzlies Ask for Dry Field
October 18: Riders Near Top Strength
October 20: Hamilton Wildcats On Rampage To Defeat Kitchener Panthers
October 20: Wildcats Win 39-7 In ORFU Contest
October 21: Hamilton's Lenard Boosts Eastern Canada Scoring Lead
October 21: Wildcats Win 39-7 in ORFU Contest
October 21: Beaches Blew Own Chances
October 23: Ponton Makes Apeal
October 24: Bulldogs Go To Toronto To Play Balmy Beach Still Gunning For First Win
October 24: Montreal Starts Late Then Misses Bid For Touchdown
October 24: Bulldogs Bow to Beaches 9-0; Rough Riders Steam Argos 24-6
October 27: Mullins and Davis Are Montreal Nominees For Jeff Russell Trophy
October 28: Bulldogs Emphasize Defence In Preparing For Ottawa Contest
October 28: George Fraser, Ottawa Kicking Star, Leans Scoring
October 30: Confirm Grid Playoff Opener For Ottawa
October 31: Along Sport Row by Jack Koffman
November 3: Riders' Lineman Totals 24 Points; A. Stukas Second
November 6: Only Two Players Missing As Riders Hold Drills
November 8: Folwell and Kijeck Rated As Key Men Today
November 10: Folwell and Kijek Rated As Argos Key Men
November 10: Argos Earn Eight Point Lead over Riders
November 13: Cosgrobe Given A Rest
November 17: Haigh Named Ottawa Policeman
November 18: Strongest Line-Up Is Wildcats Hope
November 18: Sward Only Outsider on All-Star Team
November 19: Hamilton and Ottawa Prepare For Eastern Football Final on Saturday
November 19: Lenard Due For Attention In Gridiron Playoff Here
November 24: Riders Win Eastern Football Title
November 25: Riders and Bombers Will Dress 24 Players
November 24: Rough Riders Win Easern Football Title
November 27: Bombers Proceed To Hamilton For Final Practices
November 27: Ross Trimble is Last of Great Canadian Born Grid Coaches
November 29: Grey Cup Rosters
December 1: Argos Will Suspend Play for Duration of War