1944 Grey Cup

H.M.C.S Donnacona-St. Hyacinthe 7 Hamilton Wildcats 6
Bivenber 25

Rosters from game program

Game account from cfl.ca

In 1944, the winning Navy Combine team did not receive Grey Cup rings like teams do today.  In 1969, the CFL under commissioner Jake Gaudaur helped the players who wanted one to purchase a Grey Cup Ring.  In 1994, there was a 50th anniversary reunion of th esurviving team members at the Grey Cup in Vancouver.  In 1995, the Navy team was inducted into the Canadian Armed Forces Hall of Fame.

Going to the 50 anniversary reunion - 1994

More on the 50th Anniversary and the Grey Cup Rings - 1994

The Champions in Their Old Uniforms

Induction into the Canadian Armed Forces HOF - 1995

Letter to Moe Segal on his Induction

1944 Grey Cup Champions - H.M.C.S Donnacona-St. Hyacinthe (Navy Combines)

1st Row: Charlie Ellis, Wally Charron, Curly Hiltz, K. Clarke (mascot), Ginger O’Brien, Bucko McLeod, Coach Glen Brown

2nd Row: Roy Kirbyson, John Taylor, John Crncich, Steve Levantis, Jack Wedley, Al Hurley

3rd Row: Wally Patch, Malcolm Baker, Hal Chard, Tom Bainbridge, Ian Barclay, Sam Abbott, Whitey Leonard, Dick Swarbrick, Pat Santucci,

4th Row: Dutch Davey, Mickey McFall, Dave Kotavitch, Al Symms, Jim Spicer, Des Campbell, L. Raymond

5th Row: W.O. John Montague, P.O. George Reid, Bill Kydd, Slug Segatore, Fred Porter, Sugeon Lt. Comdr. Richard Lane, Lt. Christopher Ellis