1951 Links

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Team Picture

January 23: O.R.F.U. Official Blasts Big Four, Western League
January 29: Voyles Glad Cats Didn't Win Cup
January 29: Vancouver Talks Pro Grid
May 1: Round and About - Toronto Football Tidbits
May 3: Shifty Stampeders Show Versatility Moving Spring Drills to Arena
May 19: Pantages to Join Esks Or Quit Grid
May 21: Edmonton Asks For Release of Pantages
June 2: Buffalo Game Off, End Signs, Riders' Fine Practice Field
June 11: Ratterman Fails To Gain Ground in Contract Dispute
June 20: Butch Songin Signs With Alouettes
July 2: Als Sign George Ratterman (Round and About)
July 8: Adrian Signs With Alouettes
July 16: More Imports Report to Riders
July 16: Ratterman Happy With Deal
July 17: Alouettes Sign Pro (Bill Chambers) - Ottawa Citizen
July 17: Yankee Football Club Takes Action Against Two Players
July 17: Crowe Sends Riders Through Opening Drill
July 17: Krol Down to Mere 218
July 17: Durno and Pyzer Balk At Transfer To Riders
July 22: Judge Rules in Favor of Rams in Dick Huffman Case
July 25: Pro Grid Ace Signed By Als
July 26: Alouettes Get Chambers
July 27: 12 Imports Fighting For 7 Jobs In Montreal
August 1: Riders Get First Test With Beaches Saturday
August 1: Football Imports Largest In Years
August 2: Chuck Anderson At Hamilton Camp
August 3: Montreal Releases Two Imports
August 6: Riders Slaughter Hapless Beaches 61-0
August 7: Herb Trawick Named Alouette Captain
August 8: Riders Prepare for Giants
August 8: Heath Interested In Playing for Hamilton
August 8: Jones Well Treated Says Denny
August 8: New Eskimo (Rollie Miles)
August 13: Powerful New York Giants Defeat Rough Riders 41-18
August 13: Canadian Rugby Makes Big Hit in Buffalo
August 15: Calgary Herald Sports - Football Credentials
August 17: Thirty Players Will Dress For Game With Tiger-Cats
August 18: Riders to Face Hamilton Tonight
August 18: Alouettes Trounce Westmount 45-0 In Exhibition Game
August 18: Stamps Drop Passing Duel 36-35 To Edmonton
August 20: Tiger-Cats Defeat Rough Riders 38-17 Before 11 000, At Hamilton
August 21: Freight Pays Football Freight In East, Hayman Doubts West Can Do The Same
August 22: Wagoner Returns to Fold
August 22: Round and About - Seeking a Replacement - (Ottawa for injured Howie Turner)
August 23: Eskimos Flying To Montreal
August 24: Riders Practice in Rain for Tiger-Cat Game Here
August 24: Stampeders Head for Grid Opener
August 25: Argos Are Too Small; Finish Last says Clair
August 25: Writers Comment on Filchock, Ratterman Battle
August 25: Bob Gain Attraction After Signing Contract
August25: Western Grid Squads Start Wild Title Scramble Today
August 25: Keep Huffman in Winnipeg
August 30: Hamilton Tiger-Cats Whallop Montreal 37-6 In Opener
August 30: Tiger-Cats Run Als Into Ground
August 30: Tiger-Cats Show Surprising Power Mangle Montreal 37-6 In Season Opener
August 30: Alouette Lineman Injured In Opener
August 31: Agree Tiger-Cats Look Eastern Canada's Class
September 1: Rough Riders Entertain In Opener Of Big Four Season
September 1: Busy Weekend For East Teams
September 4: Stan Heath Off To Calgary To Replace Ailing Spaith
September 8: Don Loney Back In Lineup For Game With Montreal Alouettes
September 8: Argos Humiliate Alouettes 43-0
September 11: Clair Seeks Imports; Curtis May Be All Through
September 14: Morning Workout For Riders; Philly Middle Wing Reports
September 20: Riders Drill In Rain Then Look at Pictures
September 22: Figures Back Up Ticats Success
October 20: Stuke's Eskimos Hang Up Victory In Edmonton
September 1: Riders Host Argos in Opener of Big Four Drive
September 1: Test For Seven Ottawa Imports When Riders Greet Argos
September 4: Ottawa Prepares Welcoming Party For Alouettes
September 8: Don Loney Back In Lineup For Game With Montreal
September 8: Tiger's Alert Backfield Wins Toronto Praise
September 9: Round And About - Ottawa and Montreal Prepare For Game
September 10: Ottawa Sweps Doubleheader From Alouttes 13-9, 33-8 (multiple articles on page for both games)
September 11: Two Tiger-Cats Stars Lead Big Four Scoring
September 11: No Contact Work For Riders This Week Explains Crowe
September 11: You can't Argue Against Touchdowns
September 12: Jake Dunlap Cut From Squad; Riders Set For Tiger-Cats
September 11: Losing Trawick and Wagner Blow to Alouettes
September 11: Eskimos Whip Roughriders; Stamps Down Bombers
September 14: Round and About (New Players and Injuries in the CFL) - Ottawa Citizen
September 14: Rough Job For Tiger-Cats - Ottawa Citizen
September 15: Lew Hayman Calls on Lord MacAuley - Monreal Gazette
September 17: Ti-Cats Defeat Ottawa 11-6 For Fourth Straight Victory
September 17: Beaches In Lead, Rout Windsor 27-6
September 17: Alouettes Score First Big Four Victory Defeating Toronto Argos 8-6
September 21: Leading Tiger-Cats and Eskimos Secure In Weekend Grid Games
September 21: Major Football Squads See Gridiron Action
September 24: Playing The Field - Unseen Hand Helps Alouettes
September 24: Hamilton Finally Stopped As Als Win 17-16, Create Second Place Tie
September 24: Argos Down Riders 17-10 For Second Time
September 24: Edmonton Wallops Stamps 30-11; Bombers Bow 30-17 To Riders
September 25: Riders Face Strong Ground Attack - Defensive Plans Set Up By Smith
September 25: Hamilton Finally Stopped as Als Win 17-16
September 25: Edmonton Whallps Stamps 30-11; Bombers Bow 30-17 to Riders
September 28: Jake Dunlap Returns To Rider's Fold
September 28: Argos Test New End Here Sunday
October 1: Riders Defeat Tiger-Cats With Third Quarter Gamble
October 1: Saskatchewan Trips Edmontion 25-18 On Brilliant Passing of Glenn Dobbs
October 1: Ottawa Masters Leading Tiger-Cats
October 1: Ottawa Nips Hamilton, Regina Tops Esks
October 2: Wagoner Leads Scoring Race
October 2: Riders Dash Calgary's Playoff Hopes
October 2: After Single Day Layoff, Riders Back To Work Today
October 2: Shinn's Departure Rivals Dekdebrun Cut From Argos
October 5: Big Four Derby Now Mathematical Game
October 13: Worthington May Work As Pass Catcher
October 15: Tiger-Cats Trip Alouettes By 21-7
October 15: Interceptions Costly to Rough Riders As Argonauts Score 28-19 Victory
October 22: Argos Eliminate Alouettes From Race Winning 35-11 Saturday, 35-18 Sunday
October 22: Riders Rally To Take 32-16 Win From Ti-Cats
October 22: Dandurand May Cut Ties Completely With Alouettes
October 22: Beaches Belt Windsor 19-0
October 23:; Scoring Race Close Afair
October 25: Trawick Chases Roberts For Trophy
October 25: New Executive Takes Over In Calgary Launching Direction For Next Season
October 26: Worry Over Alouettes Too Much for George Ratterman
October 27: Gridiron Needs Clearing
October 27: Big Stuke Says Practice Key To Convert Success
October 29: Ottawa Assured Of Spot
October 29: Ratterman, Wagner Set 34-22 Victory Tempo
October 29: Winnipeg Ousted By Edmonton
October 13: Ottawa Leads Parade With 13-9 Win
October 29: Beaches Crushed by Sarnia 36-0
October 30: Hawkrigg Wins ORFU Scoring Title
October 30: Canadian Grid Stars Shine On All-West Team
October 30: McGarry Named Head Coach of Balmy Beach
October 31: Oh Happy Days, Tarp Arrives
November 2: Canadian Football squads Prepare For Big Assignments This Weekend
November 5: Argos Rally To Win
November 5: Clem Crowe Lauds Karpuk For Impulse Play
November 5: Chambers In 95 Yard Touchdown Run Gives Eskimos 15-11 Win
November 8: Cummings Wins Jeff Russell Trophy
November 9: Armstrong Back With Wobbling Eagles
November 17: Sarnia Imperials Dominate ORFU All-Star Grid Team
November 17: Most Points In Vote to Bob Gain
November 20: Simpson On All-Stars In Big Four Grid Poll
November 20: Injured Players Still on Mend
November 21: Montreal Sports Group Pays $40,000 for Craddock Share in Alouettes
November 21: Lew Hayman Remains As Boss In Montreal
November 21: Broad-Axes, Mackinaws for Ottawa (Leadup to Grey Cup)
December 19: Heyman Steps Down As Alouettes' Coach