1959 Links

January 9: Iowa Ace Sough By Lioins
January 15: Montreal Seeks Grey Cup Classic At Football Caucus
January 19: Ottawa Trades Rights To Duncan
January 19: Duncan Back on Leos' List, Riders Give Permisssion to Deal With Iowa Star
February 25: Allard Confident Medical Check Will Go His Way
March 21: Abbruzzi to Calgary Deal Official
March 28: Five Riders Go West In Bombshell Shift
March 28: Ottawa Acquires Frank Tripucka
April 2: Riders Get #12,000 I Lieu of Janes]
August 13: Bombers Trample Lions In League Opener
April 22: Riders Obtain Ohio Halfback
April 28: New End For Riders
April 28: Trade With Western Club May Bring Top Catcher
April 28: Dutchmen Hire U.S. Grid Coach
May 1: Deal Pending With West Team - Clair
May 18: Ledyard Involved In Crash As Car Struck By Train
May 22: No Luck For Clair In Effort To Lure End From Regina
May 25: Don Mattingly Refuses Offer
May 30: Argos Claim Hal Ledyard
June 18: Clarke, Parsons Signings Announced By Riders
June 30: Lions Corner Fullback, End
July 2: St. John, Korchack First Riders Here
July 2: Lions Football Camp Undersay
July 4: Bombers Sign Gerry James
July 8: Scullers Keep 15 From Grid School
July 10: Groom Pinkey For Fullback Slot; Lou Bruce Signs; 11 Canadians Cut
July 13: Pair Lost To Larks
July 18: Alouettes To Scout Riders Tonight
July 18: Regina's Preston Here For Intersquad Game
July 22: Simpson Likes Passes
July 23: Playing the Field - Missing Links, Patterson Looks Healthy
July 25: Stampeders, Lions In East Tests
July 28: This Problem Rough, Too Many Homebrews
July 28: Randy Duncan With B.C. Here
July 29: Etcheverry Starry for Aloutte Club in 28-21 Win over Calgary
July 31: Dutchmen Lose 21-8 To Stamps
July 31: Riders Win 24-22, Great Job by Tripucka
August 7: Argos Half Carter Hurt
August 1: Riders Hope To Strike Blow For Eastern Grid Prestige
August 1: Candian Linemen Impressed
August 5: Bombers Outlast Larks to Win 39-34
August 5: Ron Stewart Best On Grid - Clair
August 8: Riders Release Two Imports
August 8: Writers Predict Als Last
August 11: Riders Cut 4 Imports, Calgary Gets Skinner
August 15: Sask Riders Bow In Home Debut
August 17: Black Magic Had Tough Nut To Crack
August 17: Etch First Two-Time Russel Trophy Winner
August 17: Lions Top Esks - Bombers Extended
August 17: Trimble Shows Respect For Als
August 17: Injuries Hurt Explains Pool Of Argos Team
August 17: Costly Game
August 18: Big Four Clubs See First Action
August 19: Eskies Have Grey Cup Habilt After Many Lean Years
August 19: Riders Sketches
August 21: Argo Hopes With Hamilton Rest With Knox
August 24: Lords Rally To Top Dutchies; Golden Bears Blitz Raiders
August 24: Lions, Stamps Contest West League's Top Spot
August 24: Lions, Bombers Name Imports
August 28: Rider Offensive In Brisk Workout
August 29: Last Second Point Wins For Sarnia
August 29: Fraser Replaces Barrow
August 29: Duncan a Passing Fancy
August 30: Quarterback Problems In The Spotlight In Big Four Play
September 1: Ottawa Fans Change Tune Ready To Quit On Roughies
September 1: Stamps, Lions Win
September 5: Limping Lions Look Like Rider Bait
September 9: Aronauts, Riders Hollar For Help
September 9: Clair Unable To Explain Trouble With Ottawa
September 10: Same Old Story, Bright Best Rusher
September 14: Ledyard Shines in Losing Cause
September 15: Could Have Insisted Riders Pay Way into CNE Statidum
September 16: Former Ottawa Players Critical of Clair
September 21: Lords Blank Bears 14-0; Dutchies Whip Raiders; Lions Tie Bombers for Lead With 17-6 Win; Eskies Down Riders
September 21: Bears On Skids - Bow To Lords
September 21: Knights Trample Dutchies 47-6 For Fourth Straight Win
September 21: Lions Brew Now Has First Place Zest
September 28: Lions Trounce Calgary 28-10
September 28: Hamilton Beats Ottawa 23-14
October 1: Kovac Injured; Terlep Forced to Resign by Riders
October 1: Speculation Has Roughies Playing Parilli Saturday
October 5: Riders Prepare Pass Defence For Injury Riddled Als
October 5: Riders Score Valuable Triumph
October 9: Kelly Wins Spot With Rider Club
October 9: Hamilton Hands Argos Double Loss
October 9: Jackson Tremendous Against Als
October 10: Hectic Time For Big Four Clubs
October 13: Those Injuries Hurt
October 13: Ticats Beat Argos, Clinch First Place
October 13: Stamps Maul Esks 41-23; Bombers Outscore Riders
October 13: Riders Win 28-12, Wells is Casualty (scroll left)
October 13: Sarnia Bears Win Again
Riders Had Two-Way Spark, Als Did Not
October 14: Newcomer Gener Jones Signs With Tiger-Cats
October 14: Esks Whip Stamps 46-7; Lions Edge Bombers 22-16
October 14: Dutchmen Trouce Balmy Beach 41-8
October 14: London Downs Bears 21-14
October 17: Jones Makes TC Debut Against Riders Today
October 19: Clair Remembered Babe On Bencin In 17-16 Cliff-Hanger
October 19: Als Edge Argos, Bewley Finallly Makes It
October 20: Thelen Leading Rushers
October 20: Late Major Provides Esk Win Edge Bombers 21-20; Lions in Breeze Over Sskatchewan
October 23: Axe Poised Over Als, Argos
October 24: Mad Scramble For Grid Playoff Berths
October 26: Cats Scuttle Larks 16-0; Come-Back Riders Defat Argos 18-4
October 27: Cookie Nears Scoring Title
October 29: Thelen Could Go With Any Squad In NFL - Owen
October 30: Sees Parker Biggest BC Bogey Man
October 30: Riders Sweep 2 Top Awards For Big Four
October 31: Ti-Cats 4 Point Favourites To Defeat Alouettes Today
November 2: Stone Faced Wayne Hides All His Pain
November 3: Bumped and Bruised Roughies On Stand Pat Line-Up
November 5: Larks Gone Statistically Roughies Hold Big Edge - Montreal Gazette
November 6: Trimble Claim Should Inspire Rough Riders
November 16: Jackson Sparks Riders Over Tiger-Cats 17-5 In Opener of Big Four Final
November 16: Saskatchewan Seeks New Head Coach
November 16: Fumbles Hurt Eskimoes Bombers Win 16-8 To Win West
November 26: Trimble Predicts High Schoring Game
November 26: Top Player Award Won By Bright
November 27: Grey Cup Rosters
November 28: Grey Cup Lineups (Hamilton and Winnipeg). Montreal Gazette
December 16: First New Ottawa Import