1968 Links

January 19: Golab Signing With Alouettes Recalls Early Days in Windsor
February 23: Eskimos Acquire Dupuis in Exchange for Roy Wilson
June 27: Lions Open Camp Minus Three Faces
June 28: Lions Without Three Players
July 6: Not Signed, But Gabler Will Play
July 9: Alert Larks Whip Bombers
July 11: Argo Atgtack Defuses Hapless Bombers
July 16: Hal Walker Column - Gaudaur Misses Game
July 16: Stampeder Air Attack Overwhelms Alouettes
July 19: Argos Knock Off Hamilton 35-23
July 30: Who, Mike Gray?
July 30: New Rule Threatens Coach's Scalp
August 6: But Jerry, You Don't Run!
August 8: Five Year Alouette Career Ends
August 17: Dennis, Mitchell Retire From Lions
August 23: Alouttes Rally To Upset Ottawa
August 30: Parker Ace in Hole for Lions Monday
August 30: Hamilton and Toronto Names and Numbers
September 3: Brown on Waivers, More Offence for Vic
September 3: Ti-Cats Refuse Tie, Bow to Argos
September 3: Stamps, Regina Impress
September 5: Collins To Start Against Bombers
September 5: Riders Clip Bombers
September 6: Lions Have Big Problem Roughriders Are Healthy
September 26: Former CFL Grid Coach Happy With Bills Potential
October 7: Riders Edge Alouettes 11-7
October 7: Dalton Gives Woods Chop
October 8: Dalton Is Right
November 4: Gaudar Saw Harrington SwingNovember 5: Carroll Williams, the Making of a Quarterback - Montreal Gazette
November 5: Alouette Image Changes Hope Rises