1972 Links

April 24: Chasey Gets No 1 Call, Three Veterans Released
June 2: Crammner Out For Season
June 10: Ward Took Our Talk About Sam Wrongly - O'Quinn
June 12: Ward BlastClaims Etcheverry Incompetent
July 14: Alouettes Axe GM Red O'Quinn
July 15: Wilkinson Released By Lions
August 9: Mark Kosmos, Cut By Hamilton, Out Of Football, Wonders Why
August 10: Alouettes 1972 Roster (pictures & thumbnails) - Montreal Gazette
September 7:   Don Paquette Sought by Police

September 17: Don Paquette Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter
December 4: Sunter Cool in Clutch as Hamilton Win Grey Cup
December 14: Denson To Redskins Next year