CFL All-Stars 1943

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The East (IRFU / Big Four) suspended play in 1943 due to the war. In the West, the WIFI also suspended played, but a three team league consisting of the Winnipeg RCAF Bombers, Winnpeg Unites Services and and Regina All Services All-Stars playes a six game schedule. The Canadian Press named an All-Star team from that league.

CFL East West (Canadian Press)
QB     Lee Sherman - Winnipeg United Services
HB     Ken Charlton - Regina All Services All-Stars
HB     Johnny Lake - Winnipeg
HB     Paul Gates - Winnipeg United Services
FW     Ches McCance - Winnipeg
C     Mel Wilson - Winnipeg United Services
G     Les Lear - Winnipeg
G     Bill Ceretti - Winnipeg United Services
T     Lou Mogol = Winnipeg United Services
T     Rube Ludwig - Winnipeg
E     Don Durno - Winnipeg
E     Cliff McFadyen - Winnipeg