CFL All-Stars 1960

Note:  There were only division All-Stars in 1960.

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CFL East West
QB   Sam Etcheverry - Mon Jackie Parker - Edm
RB   Ron Stewart - Ott Willie Fleming
RB   Cookie Gilchrist - Tor Johnny Bright
RB   Dave Thelen - Ott Earl Lunsford - Cal
F / RB*   Dave Mann - Tor Leo Lewis
OE   Hal Patterson - Mon Ernie Warlick - Cal
OE   Paul Dekker - Tor Ernie Pitts - Wpg
C   Norm Stoneburgh - Tor Neil Habig - Sask
G   Jackie Simpson - Mon Cornell Piper - Wpg
G   Kaye Vaughan - Ott Tony Pajaczkowski - Cal
T   John Barrow - Ham Frank Rigney - Wpg
T   Bill Hudson - Mon Roger Nelson - Edm

* The East had 3 running backs and a Flanker, the West had 4 running backs on their All-Star team.


CFL East West
MG   Marty Martinello - Ham Ron Atchison - Sask
DT   John Barrow - Ham Don Luzzi - Cal
DT   Angelo Mosca - Ham Urban Henry - BC
DE   Lou Bruce - Ott Herb Gray - Wpg
DE   Dick Fouts - Tor Ed Gray - Edm
ILB   Jim Andreotti - Tor Bill Burrell - Sask
ILB   Cookie Gilchrist - Tor

Gord Rowland - Wpg

OLB   Gary Nesbitt - Ott Dave Burkholder - Wpg
OLB   Gary Schreider - Ott Norm Fieldgate - BC
DB   Joe Poirier - Ott Bill Smith - Edm
DB   Jim Rountree - Tor Claire Exelby
S   Stan Wallace - Tor Harvey Wylie

Special Teams

CFL East West