Ian Barclay

Ian Barclay was bron in Montreal and was a star hockey, football and cricket playe as a young man.  Barclay served in the Canadian Navy during World War Ii, was a member of the 1944 Montreal Navy XCombines team that won the Grey Cup. After the war, Barclay attended McGill and later graduated from Harvard.  Barclay went to B.C. in 1952 and had a long career in the forest industry, including a stint as the chairman of B.C. Forest Products. Barclay retained his love for football, servering as a director and president of the B.Loions.  Ian Barclay passed away on June 6, 2008 at the age of 81.

Ian Barclay Looking up Friends - December 18, 1943

Barclay Quits Hornets - September 29, 1945

Ian Barclay Passes Away

1944 Montreal Navy Team
1944 Montreal Navy Team - Ian Barclay is in the third row, fifth from the left
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Ian Barclay