George Edwards

[George Herman Edwards]

From Kentucky State, George Edwards played one game at tackle for the Montreal Alouettes in their inaugral season in 1946. Teams then could only have 5 imports and the Alouettes had 6 in camp that year, including Edwards. Edwards was one of the first African-American players recruited to play football in Canada.  Also on the Als team in 1946 were were two other African-Amercians, Herb Trawick and John Moody.  Trawick, also a tackle, was injured for one game, and Edwards took his place.  When Trawick returned, Edwards was released to reach the import limit. Edwards was promptly picked up by Toronto Balmy Beach of the ORFU (Ontario Rugby Football Unon) where he played for two seasons.  The ORFU was still competing for the Grey Cup atg that time, and Edwards and Balmy Beach went to the East final before losing to the Argos in 1946.

Edwards One of Six Imports With Alouettes - September 5, 1946

Edwards Cited As Helping Turn Toronto Balmy Beach Around - November 22, 1946


Games Played
Year Team GP
1946 MON 1
1946 TBB  
1947 TBB  

Note:  There is a George E. Edwards who also went to Kentucky State who played at about the same time and went on to become the head coach at Kentucky State.  This George Edswards was born October 18, 1918, in Montgomery AL, played for Kentucky State in 1938-39, and then became head coach in 1951.  He is in the Kentucky State HOF.  Hopefully the records of these two George Edwards are not mixed up.  If you have any more information on the George Edwards who played fo rthe Alouettes or a picture, please see the Contact Me link above.  Thanks.

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