Chuck Hunsinger

Unfortunately for Chuck Hunsinger, what most people remember about him was the famous fumble and not the the fact that he was a pretty darn good running back. Hunsinger had been a first round draft of the Chicago Bears in 1950, and spent three seasons with the Bears before coming North to the CFL.  "The Play" that marked his career happened in the 1954 Grey Cup game.  With time running down, Hunsinger fumbled the ball and it was scooped up by Jackie Parker and returned for a TD to tie the game.  A Bob Dean convert gave Edmonton the win, the first of three consecutive Grey Cup victories from 1954-56 for Parker and the Eskimos over Montreal. The fumble spoiled what had been a very good year for Hunsinger.  Hunsinger had joined the Als in 1953 (no stats available for that year) and in 1954 was fourth in the East in rushing with 518 yards in just 10 games.Those numbers are even better when you consider  Hunsinger's team mate Alex Webster led the East in rushing that year and got the majority of the carries for the Als. Also, this was the era of Sam "The Rife" Etcheverry and a more pass orientated team than the East had seen to this point. Because it was a pass orientated team, Hunsinger was also a popular target coming out of the backfield and had 22 catches for another 491 yards which is a unusually high 19.1 yard average for a halfback.  Of course this was 1954, and that meant most players went both ways.  Hunsinger was no exception and also made significant contributions at defensive back with five interceptions.  Hunsinger only played three games in 1955 and had been off to an excellent start, especially catching the ball as he had 14 catches for 238 yards.

Hunsinger passed away on March 23, 1980.

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GP, Rushing and Receiving
Year Team GP TC Yds Avg TD Long Rec Yds Avg TD Long
1953 MON 14

1954 MON 10 86 516 6 6 55 22 421 19.1 2 77
1955 MON 3 14 75 5.4 1 18 14 238 17 1 50


Kickoff and Punt Returns
Year Team KOR Yds Avg TD Long PR Yds Avg TD Long
1953 MON

1954 MON 10 178 17.8 0 22 2 6 3 0 6
1955 MON 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 6 0 6


Year Team Int Yds Avg TDInt Long
1953 MON

1954 MON 5 72 14.4 0 25
1955 MON 0 0 0 0 0
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