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The CRFU set the standard field size to be as close to 100 yards x 65 yards as practical.  The ORFU divided into two divisions, one for cities and one for colleges.  In what was probably not the first and certainly not the last controversy in Canadian Football, the Dominion Champions was ruled a draw by the CRFU.  The game was played between All-Star teams from the ORFU and QRFU with the QRFU winning 3-0.  The CRFU rules the game a draw since neither team scored the minimum four points under the rules.

ORFU First Round
Toronto Argonauts 10 Peterborough F.C. 0

ORFU Second Round
Upper Canada College 11  Toronto Argonauts 6
Hamilton Tigers 52 St. Catherines F.C. 0
London Kickers 18 Strathroy F.C. 0

ORFU Quarter Finals
London Kickers 15  Hamilton Tigers 11
Ottawa F.C. beat Queen's University by default
Toronto University beat Upper Canada College by default
Ottawa College 14  Royal Military College 4

ORFU Semi-Final
Ottawa F.C. 30 London Kickers 0
Ottawa College 19 Toronto University 2

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 21  Ottawa F.C. 3

Dominion Championship
QRFU All-Stars 3  ORFU All-Stars 0*
*Declared a draw as neither team scored 4 points