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In one of the jurisdictional and rule squabbles that dogged Canadain Footbal in its early years, there was no Dominion Champtionship in 1886.  The CRFU passed a rule restricting qhen the quarterback could run or kick the ball and the ORFU objected, resulting in no Dominion Championship.

ORFU First Round
Kingston F.C beat Almonte F.C by default
London Kickers beat Strathray F.C. by default
Hamilton Tigers beat St. Catherines F.C. by default

ORFU City Quarter Final
Toronto Argonauts 66  Peterbrough F.C. 6
Ottawa F.C. beats Kingston F.C by default

ORFU City Semi-Final
London Kickers 7 Hamilton Tigers 5
Toronto Argonauts 12  Ottawa F.C. 5

ORFU College Final
Ottawa College 2 Toronto University 2
Ottawa College 12 Toronto University 0

ORFU Final
Ottawa College 13  Toronto Argonauts 0