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The Toronto Argonauts were suspended from playing in the ORFU in a dispute over some of their players being declared professional. The Lornes or Toronto Lornes were formed as a new team and provided a home for many former Argo players who met the ORFU definition of an amateur.

No regular season. The teams played a series of playoff matches.

Toronto Lornes 16 Toronto Universityh 4 (October 12 - Toronto Cricket Field)
Toronto Lornes ? Toronto University ?
(Toronto University won and moved on in playoffs)

ORFU Quarter-Final
Toronto A.C. 18  Hamilton Tigers 17
Toronto A.C 0.  Hamilton Tigers 15
(Hamilton Tigers win 32-18)

Osgoode Hall 80  48th HIghlanders 1
Osgood Hall defeated 48th Highlanders by default

Queen's University 28  Royal Military College 17
Queen's University 22 Royal Military College 1

ORFU Semi-Finals
Queen's University 22  Osgood Hall 1

Toronto University 16  Hamilton Tigers 13
Toronto University 14 Hamilton Tigers 15
(Toronton University wins 30-28)

ORFU Final
Toronto University 19  Queen's University 2
Toronto University 7  Queen's University 12
(Toronto University wins 26-14)

Dominion Final
Toronto University 20  Montreal Winged Wheelers 5