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For the second year in a row, the Toronto Argonauts did not field a team due to a dispute with the ORFU over player eligibility. The Toronto Lornes played their second season to replace the Argonauts.

No regular season. Teams played a series of playoff games.

Toronto University ? Toronto Lornes ? (October 3?)
Toronto University 26 Toronto Lornes 6 (October 10)
(Toronto University wins series and moves on).

ORFU Quarter-Finals
Toronto A.C. 17  Hamilton Tigers 11 (October 10?)
Toronto A.C 18  Hamilton Tigers 1 (October 17)
(Toronto A.C wins 35-12)

Trinity College 9  Royal Military College 2
Royal Military College defeated Trinity College by default

Queen's University over Kingston F.C. by default
Queen's University over Kingston F.C. by default

ORFU Semi-Finals
Toronto University 18  Queen's University 16
Toronto University 13  Queen's University 1

Royal Military College 13  Toronto A.C. 8 (October 24)
Royal Military College 1  Toronto A.C.42 (October 31 at Kingston)

ORFU Final
Toronto University 43  Toronto A.C. (November 7)
Toronto University 18  Toronto A.C 16 (November 14)

Dominion Final
Ottawa College 12  Toronto University 8