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East W L T F A PTS
Tornto Argonauts 4 2 0 74 37 8
Ottawa Rough Riders 3 3 0 49 63 6
Hamilton Tigers 3 3 0 62 71 6
Montreal Indians 2 4 0 59 59 4
Toronto Balmy Beach 3 1 0 62 25 6
Sarnia Imperials 3 1 0 102 27 6
Hamilton Tiger-Cubs 0 4 0 5 117 0
West W L T F A PTS
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 5 2 1 104 37 11
Regina Roughriders 3 2 1 52 42 9
Calgary Bronks 1 5 0 17 94 4

Calgary / Regina games worth 4 points

East Quarter-Final

Ottawa Rough Riders 3 Hamilton Tigers 2

East Semi-Finals
Sarnia Imperials 11 Toronto Balmy Beach 7

Ottawa Rough Riders 7 Toronto Argonauts 1
Ottawa Rough Riders 17 Toronto Argonauts 5

West Semi-Finals
Winnipeg given 2-0 lead due to points in standings
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 7 Regina Roughriders 4
Winnpeg Blue Bombers 5 Regina Roughriders 20
[Regina wins total points 24-14].

Vancouver defaults to Calgary

West Final
Regina starts with 5-0 lead due to points in standings
Regina Roughriders 3 Calgary Bronks 1
[Regina wins West Final 8-1]

Sania Imperials 26 Ottawa Rough Riders 20




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Another season of firsts and lasts. In the East (Big Four / IRFU), the Montreal winged Wheelers were no more, being replaced by the the Montreal Indians. Montreal would suffer through many short lived teams and names for the next ten years until the Alouettes were born in 1946. It was also the last year for the university teams to compete for the Grey Cup. The University of Toronto won the collegiate title, and then defaulted to Ottawa in the playoffs. In 1937, the universities would officially renounce Grey Cup challenges.

The big story of 1936, however, was the fight over the import rules which ended up without a West team in the Grey Cup. The CRU (Canadian Rugby Union) decreed that only imports who were resident in Canada by January 1 could play and also that teams were limited to just 5 imports. This seems to have been largely in reaction to the first Grey Cup win by a Western team in 1935 by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who were bolstered by seven American imports. When Regina won the West, five of their imports were declared illegal by the CRU. Regina offered to drop the players for the Grey Cup, but the CRU would not allow them to play for the cup. Instead, the Grey Cup was a contest between the Sarnia Imperials of the ORFU and the Ottawa Rough Riders of the IRFU. Sarnia won their second and last Grey Cup with a powerful line-up that included future Hall of Famers Hugh (Bummer) Stirling and Ormond Beach.

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