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Ottawa Rough Riders 5 1 0 72 21 10
Toronto Argonauts 5 1 0 65 42 10
Toronto Balmy Beach 2 4 0 27 34 4
Montreal Bulldogs 0 6 0 12 80 0
Hamilton Wildcats 5 0 1 122 28 11
Toronto Indians 2 2 2 46 55 6
Kitchener Panthers 0 5 1 30 115 1
West W L T F A PTS
Winnpeg Blue Bombers 6 2 0 92 19 12
Regina Roughriders 5 3 0 64 43 10
Vancouver Grizzlies 1 7 0 15 109 2

East Semi-final
Toronto Argounauts 16 Otawa Rough Riders 8
Toronto Argonauts 1 Ottawa Rough Riders 10
[Ottawa wins 2 game otal point series 18-17]

East Final|

Ottawa Rough Riders 7 Hamilton Wildcats 2

West Final
regina Roughriders 8 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 6
Regina Roughriders 12 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 18
Regina Roughriders 2 Winnpeg Blue Bombers 8
[Winnipeg wins West 2 gams to 1]

Winnpeg Blue Bombers 18 Ottawa Rough Riders 16

ORFU MVP (Imperial Oil Trophy: Al Lendard - Hamilton Wildcats:



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A rather odd season in many ways.  With the war in full swing, The Hamilton Tigers decided they could not field a team in the Big Four or IRFU.  As it turns out, there was no Big Four in 1941.  In a dispute with tghe Canadian Rugby Union (CRU), the remaining three teams in the Big Four (Toronto Aronauts, Ottawa Rough Riders and Montreal Bulldogs) formed a new league called the ERFU (Eastern Rugby Football Union) that lasted for only the one season.  Without Hamilton, the league cast around for a fourth team and Toronto Balmy Beach, a long time ORFU team joined them.  That left the ORFU in a precarious situation as they not only lost Balmy Beach, but Sarnia dropped out due to the war. With a bit of scrambling, the ORFU survived as a three team league.  The Hamilton team was reborn as the Wildcats after being called the Alerts for one season in 1940.  A new team was added in Toronto called the Indians, and the Kitchener Panthers joined the league.  The Hamilton Wildcats would end up running until 1950 when they would merge with the Hamilton Tigers to make the modern Hamilton Tiger-Cats.  In the West, the war also claimed two victims as both the Edmonton Eskimos and he Calgary Bronks packed it in.  The Western League managed to add a third team in the Vancouver Grizzlies, led by former Winnpeg Blue Bomber star Greg kabat.  The Grizzlies, however, were not a success and lasted only one season.  Foortball at the highest level would not return to Vancouver until 1953 when the Lions wree formed.

Article on the (almost) revival of the Edmonton Eskimos in 1941.