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All-Time Rosters by Team

Modern Teams

American Teams

ORFU and Other*

ORFU and Other

BC Lions (BC)
Calgary Stampeders (CAL)
Edmonton Eskimos (EDM)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (HAM)
Montreal Alouettes (MON)
Ottawa Rough Riders / Renegades (OTT)
Saskatchewan Roughriders (SASK)
Toronto Argonauts (TOR)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (WPG)


Baltimore Stallions (BALT)
Birmingham Barracudas (BIRM)
Los Vegas Posse (LV)
Memphis Mad Dogs (MPH)
Sacremento Goldminers (SAC)
San Antonio Texans (SA)
Shreveport Pirates (SHR)

Brandon Football Club (BFC)
Brantford Redskins (BRAN)
Calgary 50th Battalion
Calgary Altomahs(CALA)
Calgary Bronks(CALB)
Camp Borden (CBB)
Detroit Raiders (DET)
Gimli No.18 Training Hurricanes(GH)
Hagersville RCAF Flying Tiges (HAG)
Hamilton 205th Battalion(H205)
Hamilton Alerts (HALT)
Hamilton Panthers (HP)
Hamilton Rowing Club (HRC)
Hamilton Tiger Cubs (HCUB)
Hamilton Tigers** (HTG)
Huntington Army (HUNT)
Hamilton Wildcats** (HWC)
H.C.M.S. Donnacona-St. Hyacinteh (MNAV)
Kitchener Panthers (KP)
Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen (KWD)
Lachine Airmen (LAC)
Lethbridge Bulldogs (LBD)
London Lords (LON)
MacDonald No.3 Bomb.& Gunning(MBGM)
McGill University*** (MCGU)
Montreal Bulldogs (MBD)
Montreal Cubs (MC)
Montreal Hornets (MH)
Montreal Indians (MI)
Montreal Nationals (MNAT)
Montreal Royals (MR)
Montreal Westmounts (MWM)
Montreal Winged Wheelers (MWW)
Osgood Hall (OH)
Ottawa 207th Battalion(O207)
Ottawa College*** (OCOL)

Ottawa Combines (OCOM)
Ottawa Uplands RCAF (OUR)
Ottawa Trojans (OTR)
Peterbrough (PET)
Queen's University*** (QU)
Regina All Services All-Stars (RAA)
Regina Boat Club (RBC)
Regina Navy (RNAV)
Rivers Pathfinders(RIV)
Rochester Rockets (ROCH)
Royal Military College (RMC)
Saskatoon Quakers (SQ)
Sarnia Imperials/Golden Bears (SAR)
St. Brigid's Saints(SBS)
St. John's College (SJC)
St. Michael's College (SMC)
St. Thomas Hornets (STH)
Toronto 105th Battalion(T105)
Toronto Balmy Beach (TBB)
Toronto Indians (TI)
Toronto Navy Bulldogs (TNB)
Torontos / Toronto RAA (TOS)
Toronto Parkdale (TP)
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes (TRH)
University of Alberta***(UALB)
University of Manitoba***(UMAN)
University of Toronto*** (TU)
Vancouver Bulldogs(VBD)
Vancouver Grizzlies (VG)
Vancouver K of C (VKC)
Verdun Grads (VERD)
Western Ontario*** (WEST)
Windsor Rockets (WDS)
Winnipeg Army Grenades(WAS)
Winnipeg Tammany Tigers(WTT)
Winnipeg United Services (WUS)
Winnipeg Victorias(WVIC)
Winnipeg Wireless School (WWS)

* These rosters are not complete, but more players are being added.
** The Tigers and the Wildcats merged in 1950 to become th Hamilton Tiger-Cats
*** Includes players only up to 1936 when the college teams stopped challenging for the Grey Cup.  Players after that who played in the CFL can be found by checking the college listins..


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