All-Stars 1955

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The Various All-Star Teams in 1955 were as follows:

The Big Four / IRFU and the WIFU / West picked both offensive and defensive squads, the ORFU and Reeves picked only a single 12 player squad.  The All-East team had first and second teams rather than separate offensive and defensive teams, though several of hte players on the second team appeared to be chosen for their defensive play.  A notable case in point is Hal Patterson as a second team halfback - Patterson was a farmous offensive end, but played defensive back as well in this t wo way era.  Ted Reeves tended to pick seven lineman, not caring much about position, so you have two centers in Tom Hugo and Bob Dean and there is only one true end in Red O'Quinn. That is why the chart below shows LM (lineman) for seven positions - these are for the Reeves team and the regular positions are for the other all-star squads.  There was also some inconsistency in the picking of the flying wing position.  The West tended to just pick four halfbacks, so the slot after QB is marked FW / HB.  Leo Lewis was not a flying wing, but one of the four hafbacks picked. For the Big Four and West, if only one player is listed, he was both the division and palyed in the Shrine game.  Players marked with a + were added for the Shrine game only due to players not being available or so a player who was both an all-star on offence and defence didn't have to play both ways.  For example, Kent Burris was a West All-Star at both center and linebacker, so Mel Beckett was added at center.


Reeves All-East

Big Four / IRFU
Shrine East

Shrine West+
QB Sam Etcheverry - Mont Sam Etcheverry - Mont
Bob Celeri - Kitch-waterloo
Sam Etcheverry - Mont
Bob Celeri - KWD Jackie Parker - Edmonton
Stan Williams - Sask Joey Pal - Montreal
Ron Stewart - Queen's
Joey Pal - Montreal Carl Totzke - KWD Leo Lewis - Winnipeg
Lynn Bottoms - Calgar+
HB Al Pollard - BC Pat Abbruzzi - Montreal
Hal Patterson - Montreal
Pat Abbruzzi - Montreal
Cookie Gilchrist - KWD

Ken Carpenter - Sask

HB Johnny Bright - Edmonton Lou Kusserow - Hamilton
Corky Tharp - Toronto
Lou Kusserow - Hamilton
Corky Tharp - Toronto+
John Jacobs - Sarnia Gerry James - Winnipeg
HB Normie Kwong - Edmonton Tom Tracy - Ottawa
Avatus Stone - Ottawa
Tom Tracy - Ottawa
Sam Laverty - Balmy Beach Normie Kwong - Edm
Tom Hugo - Montreal
Tom Hugo - Montreal
Frank Dempsey - Ottawa
Tom Hugo - Montreal
Bruce Mattingly - Sarnia Kent Burris - Edmonton
Mel Beckett - Sask+
Vince Scott- Hamilton Bill Albright - Toronto
Eddie Bevan - Hamilton
Bill Albright - Toronto
Larry Cardonick - Sarnia Harry Langrod - Calgary
Frank Morris - Edmonton+


Bob Dean - Edmonton Herb Trawick - Montreal
Vince Scott - Hamilton
Herb Trawick - Montreal Ed Stowe - Sarnia Art Walker - Edmonton
Tex Coulter - Montreal Tex Coulter - Montreal
Dich Hughes - Queen's
Tex Coulter - Montreal Oatten Fisher - Balmy Beach
Jay Fry - KWD
Dale Meinert - Edmonton

Martin Ruby - Sask Billy Ship - Toronto
Ray Collins - Hamilton

Billy Ship - Toronto

Jim Burr - Sarnia Buddy Tinsley - Wpg
Dick Huffman - Winnpeg+
Red O'Quinn - Montreal Red O'Quinn - Montreal
Doug Mchichol - Montreal
Red O'Quinn - Montreal Eric Graham - Sarnia Willie Roberts - Calgary
Burdette Hess - Calgary Al Pfeifer - Toronto
Pete Neumann - Toronto
Al Pfeifer - Toronto
Gerry McTaggart - KWD  


  All-East Big Four / IRFU
Shrine East
Shrine West
DG     Eddie Bevan - Hamilton
  Floyd Harraway - Winnipeg
Ron Atchison - Sask+

Vince Scott - HamiltonVince

  Bob Levenhagen - BC
DT     Tex Coulter - Montreal   Dick Huffman - Winnpeg
Buddy Tinsley - Winnipeg+
DT     Billy Ship - Toronto
Jim Staton - Montreal+
  Dale Meinert - Edmonton
Martin Ruby - Sask+
DE         Frank Anderson - Edm
Norm Fieldgate - BC+

Doug Mchichol - Montreal

  Gord Sturtridge - Sask
LB     Frank Dempsey - Ottawa

Kent Burris - Edmonton

LB     Tom Hugo - Montreal
Juan Sheriden - Mont+
John Blaicher - Montreal+
  Ted Tully - Edmonton
Ted Tully - Edmonont+
Mike King - Edmontom+
DB     Avatus Stone - Ottawa
  Rollie Miles - Edmonton
DB     Hal Patterson - Montreal

Bobby Marlow - Sask

DB     Lou Kusserow - Hamilton
Bobby Simpson - Ottawa+
  Tom Casey - Winnipeg
DB     John Fedosoff - Hamilton
  Rupe Andrews - Edmonton
Gord Rowland - Winnipeg+