Outstanding Player Award

The East winner before 1994 was given the Jeff Russell Trophy, and from 1994 on, the winners were presented with the Terry Evenshan Trophy.  The West winners are given the Jeff Nicklin Memorial   Trophy.

Year East West Winner Team Nominees
2013 Ricky Ray - Toronto Jon Cornish - Calgary Jon Cornish - Calgary  
2012 Chad Owens Jon Cornish - Calgary Chad Owens  
2011 Anthony Calvillo Mon Travis Lulay BC Travis Lulay BC  
2010 Anthony Calvillo Mon Henry Burris Cal Henry Burris Cal  
2009 Anthony Calvillo Mon Joffrey Reynolds - Cal Anthony Calvillo Mon  
2008 Anthony Calvillo Mon Henry Burris Cal Anthony Calvillo Mon  
2007 Kevin Glenn Kerry Joseph Sask Kerry Joseph Sask  
2006 Charles Roberts Wpg Geroy Simon BC Geroy Simon BC  
2005 Damon Allen  Tor Corey Holmes Sask Damon Allen  Tor  
2004 Anthony Calvillo Mon Casey Printers BC Casey Printers BC  
2003 Anthony Calvillo Mon Dave Dickinson BC Anthony Calvillo Mon  
2002 Anthony Calvillo Mon Milt Stegall Wpg Milt Stegall Wpg  
2001 Khari Jones Wpg

Kelvin Anderson Cal

Khari Jones Wpg  
2000 Mike Pringle Mon Dave Dickenson Cal Dave Dickenson Cal  
1999 Danny McManus Ham Allan Pitts Cal Danny McManus Ham  
1998 Mike Pringle Mon Kelvin Anderson Cal Mike Pringle Mon  
1997 Doug Flutie Tor Jeff Garcia Cal Doug Flutie Tor  
1996 Doug Flutie Tor Robert Mimbs Sask Doug Flutie Tor  
1995 Mike Pringle Balt Dave Sapunjis Cal Mike Pringle Balt  
1994 Mike Pringle Balt Doug Flutie Cal Doug Flutie Cal  
1993 Matt Dunnigan Wpg Doug Flutie Cal Doug Flutie Cal  
1992 Angelo Snipes Ham Doug Flutie Cal Doug Flutie Cal  
1991 Robert Mimbs Wpg Doug Flutie BC Doug Flutie BC  
1990 Michael Clemons Tor Craig Ellis Edm Michael Clemons Tor  
1989 Tony Champion Ham Tracy Ham Edm Tracy Ham Edm  
1988 Earl Winfield Ham David Williams BC David Williams BC  
1987 Tom Clements Wpg

Brian Kelly Edm

Tom Clements Wpg  
1986 James Hood Mon James Murphy Wpg James Murphy Wpg  
1985 Ken Hobart Ham Mervyn Fernandez BC Mervyn Fernandez BC  
1984 Rufus Crawford Ham Willard Reaves Wpg Willard Reaves Wpg  
1983 Tony Greer Tor Warren Moon Edm Warren Moon Edm  
1982 Conredge Holloway Tor Tom Scott Edm Conredge Holloway Tor  
1981 Tom Clements Ham Dieter Brock Wpg Dieter Brock Wpg  
1980 Gerry Dattilio Mon Dieter Brock Wpg Dieter Brock Wpg  
1979 David Green Mon Waddell Smith Edm David Green Mon  
1978 Tony Gabriel Ott Tom Wilkinson Edm Tony Gabriel Ott  
1977 Jimmy Edwards Ham Jerry Tagge BC Jimmy Edwards Ham  
1976 Jimmy Edwards Ham Ron Lancaster Sask Ron Lancaster Sask  
1975 Johnny Rodgers - Montreal Willie Burden Cal Willie Burden Cal  
1974 Johnny Rodgers - Montreal Tom Wilkinson Edm Tom Wilkinson Edm  
1973 John Harvery Mon George McGowen Edm George McGowen Edm  
1972 Garney Henley Ham Mack Herron Wpg Garney Henley Ham  
1971 Mel Profit Tor Don Jonas Wpg Don Jonas Wpg  
1970 Bill Symons Tor Ron Lancaster Sask Ron Lancaster Sask  
1969 Russ Jackson Ott Ron Lancaster Sask Russ Jackson Ott  
1968 Larry Fairholm, Mon Ron Lancaster Sask Bill Symons Tor  
1967 Ron Stewart Ott Peter Liske Cal Peter Liske Cal  
1966 Gene Gaines Ott Ron Lancaster Sask Russ Jackson Ott  
1965 Bernie Faloney Ham George Reed Sask George Reed Sask  
1964 Dick Shatto Tor Tom Brown BC Lovell Coleman Cal  
1963 Garney Henley Ham Joe Kapp BC Russ Jackson Ott  
1962 George Dixon Mon Eagle Day Cal George Dixon Mon  
1961 Bob Jack Oliver Mon Jackie Parker Edm Bernie Faloney Ham  
1960 Ron Stewart Ott Jackie Parker Edm Jackie Parker Edm  
1959 Russ Jackson Ott Jackie Parker Edm Johnny Bright Edm  
1958 Sam Etchevery Mon Jackie Parker Edm Jackie Parker Edm  
1957 Dick Shatto Tor Jackie Parker Edm Jackie Parker Edm  
1956 Hal Patterson Mon Jackie Parker Edm Hal Patterson Mon  
1955 Avatus Stone Ott Ken Carpenter Sask Pat Abruzzi Mon  
1954 Sam Etchevery Mon Jackie Parker Edm Sam Etchevery Mon  
1953 Bob Cunningham Ott John Henry Johnson Cal Billy Vessels Edm  
1952 Vince Mazza Ham Jack Jacobs Wpg    
1951 Bruce Cummings Ott Glen Dobbs Sask    
1950 Don Loney Ott Lindy Berry Edm    
1949 Royal Copeland Tor Keith Spaith Cal    
1948 Eric Chipper Ott Keith Spaith Cal    
1947 Virgil Wagner Mon Bob Sandberg Wpg    
1946 Joe Krol Tor Bill Wusyk Cal    
1945 George Fraser Ott      
1941 Tony Golab Ott      
1940 Andy Tommy Ott      
1939 Bill Davies Mon      
1938 Wes Cutler Tor      
1937 Ted Morris Tor      
1936 Arnie Morrison Ott      
1935 Abe Eliowitz Ott      
1934 Ab Box Tor      
1933 Huck Welch Mon      
1932 Alex Dennan Ham      
1931 Gordie Perry Mon      
1930 Frank Turville, Tor      
1929 Reb Wilson Tor      
1928 Ernie Cox Ham